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Coronavirus - lets talk about it.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

by: Brooke

At a time in the world where so much is uncertain, there is one thing us TBC1D24 parents know for sure – our children cannot contract this virus because chances are, they won’t survive it.

We don’t need a doctor to tell us, we don’t need to consult with our specialists, we just know, in our gut, from the moment we hear about it.

As I followed how this virus was spreading and the impact it was having, all I could think about was previous times Ariella has had a regular virus or common cold or flu. Her breathing starts to deteriorate, her little chest struggles to rise and fall, the seizures begin, and we go to hospital.

I remember times sitting by her hospital bed watching her chest and praying to God just to keep that little area on the blanket going up and down.

I’d negotiate with him, as if that’s how prayer works. “God, you keep her breathing and leave the rest to me. I’ll do everything for her, I’ll keep her safe, I’ll put her first, I’ll give her a great life. Just. Keep. Her. Breathing.”

And now we are faced with COVID-19. No one has advised me to isolate, the Government here in Australia has not issued a mandatory lockdown yet, but the virus is in our communities and I don’t have any room for error, I won’t get a second chance to get this right.

So, we are in isolation from now, until as long as it takes.

I’m not scared of Ariella getting Coronavirus, because I won’t let that happen. We will isolate early, for as long as necessary.

God kept up his end of the bargain, time for me to keep mine.

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